Adoptable Adventures

-helping adoptable dogs find loving homes through photography-

Every dog deserves a loving home. I have met so many incredible dogs in shelters that often wait for a long time. That's why I have created a free photo service dedicated to helping adoptable dogs get seen by their future person(s). Great photos play a vital role in increasing the chances of adoption, as they capture each dog's unique personality, making them irresistible to potential adopters. It does not matter what a dog looks like or what they require in a home - I firmly believe there is a match for everyone.

Many animal rescues and shelters struggle to find the time and resources to take good photos of their adoptable dogs. They are focused on providing care, finding homes, and attending to the day-to-day needs of the animals in their care. The list is often endless, and photos simply can't be a top priority. This is where Adoptable Adventures steps in to lend a helping hand.

Using this free photo service is easy. Animal advocates, fosters and rescues can simply reach out to schedule a photoshoot session that suits their candidates.

With the skills and equipment necessary to create captivating images, I organize adventures such as hikes, canoe trips, overnight stays or smaller micro-adventures that bring out the dog's personality. During the session, I strive to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for the dogs. Afterwards, I carefully edit the images to make them visually appealing and eye-catching. The final photos are then available to the shelters for use in their adoption listings, social media, and websites to share with future owners. I firmly believe in using the power of social media for good and will take my audience along for the adventure. The final images will be shared with a captivating adoption bio on Hounds & Horizons social media to maximize the attention on dogs and rescues.

So whether you're a shelter, rescue organization, or foster home looking to improve your adoption success rate, I invite you to explore Adoptable Adventures. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these deserving dogs. Let's create countless happy tails in happy homes, one photo at a time.

The face behind Adoptable Adventures

Hi! I'm Laura!

For as long as I can remember - I always loved animals. I remember not wanting to celebrate my birthday once as a child because I was so consumed by a wildlife documentary special that was on that day. And honestly, not much has changed since. So I guess whilst photographing dogs might not be the most common career choice, it isn't a huge surprise in my case.

As soon as I got into photography, I was drawn to dogs as subjects. Reading their body language and working with them to capture that moment their personality comes out simply makes me happy.

We had foster dogs when I was younger, and I have always really cared about rescue work. From fundraising events and rescue calendars in New Zealand to, most recently, volunteering for two months in a 60+ dog shelter in Mexico, I try to use my skills to help animals however I can.


A free guide to better dog photos for rescues

A free, downloadable guide for rescues, fosters and animal advocates to improve the photos of the animals in their care.

Learn how little tricks and changes can make a huge difference in the way your photos look and how to use social media to get your animals noticed.

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Adventurers ready for adoption

These pups have recently been on an Adoptable Adventure and would love to find a home. Please reach out to the rescue directly for more information on them or to fill out an application. Click on their image to learn more. Can't see the right match? Make sure to check out the rescue's website for all their animals!


-Pawsitive Animal Rescue-



-Pawsitive Animal Rescue-



-Amigos de Animales-









-Amigos de Animales-


How to support Adoptable Adventures & Rescues

I get it, we'd love to adopt aaaaall the dogs, but that's simply not possible. If adopting or fostering isn't an option for you right now, but you'd like to support the cause, here are some powerful ways to help:

  • Spread the word! Let rescues know this service exists and tell other dog loves about how they can help too.
  • Book a session for your own dog - this will enable me to have the financial means to continue supporting shelters.
  • Follow, share and engage with Hounds & Horizons and the featured rescues on social media; let's get these dogs seen!
  • Are you a photographer? Offer your service to rescues in your area. Use #AdoptableAdventures & #PhotographersForRescues.
  • Donate money, treats or other supplies to a rescue or sponsor an AdoptableAdventure.
  • Write a blog post, news articles or other media about the project or a rescue of choice.
  • Volunteer for a shelter. Dog walking, Accounting, Webdesign, Repair Works, etc. you probably have the skills they need!
  • Host a charity fundraiser. Host a bake sale or BBQ, run a marathon or climb a mountain - the sky is the limit! 
  •  Be a flight angel or transport volunteer. Reach out to rescues in your holiday destination or travel route and help an animal get home.

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