Sometimes it is hard to live up to our own goals and expectations. You might just be starting, wanting to learn more about photography and how to create a portfolio that will 'wow' your future clients. Maybe you have always wanted to photograph in that one dream location and connect with other pet photographers. Or do you want someone to guide you through improving your business and building confidence?

If so, let me help you work on your specific goals through one-on-one coachings, portfolio days or workshops. It's all customised for you!

The face behind hounds&horizons

Hi, I'm Laura! Becoming a pet photographer wasn't always the plan (neither did I know it was a thing), but it truly is a dream job I created for myself. I travel the world meeting dogs in the most stunning places and couldn't think of anything I'd rather do.

This wasn't always the case though. I remember the struggles of 'how do I work a camera', 'what do I charge' and 'how do I get that shot' all to well.

Should you feel stuck in any way, overwhelmed by where to start or needing help building your portfolio I would love to help you get closer to your goals! Learn from my mistakes so you can save a ton of time and money in your own journey.

Student Results

Isle of Skye Scotland
Shell Louise Photography

"It was amazing! So much fun, I really enjoyed it! You have really helped with my confidence and getting everything in place (website, forms ect.) You were amazingly helpful and have encouraged me to pursue it further. You have made me realise that I can do it and confirm what I need to do to get there and the type of photography that suits me that I love , I am very appreciative and thankful for your time as well as being the nicest , easiest going person ever!"

Shell Louise - Privat Workshop

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Every workshop is customised to what you want and need, so please reach out and tell me about yourself so I can tailor a package that suits you!